In her experimental fine art photography,
Diana Nagler has a look inside of things, in a very different way. Showing
that to the public eye, became her mission. Her view to people is timeless.
The east german born photographer and stylist, plays
with fashion symbolism and sets  – her range
widely varying between cinematic and almost
documentary imagery. Whether in dramatic black
and white or colored artworks, the Berlin based
photographer and stylist is definitely telling storys.
Enjoy while checking out her work.

“It’s exciting to imagine that the work you are buying
could be by a future art star and that you discovered them first.” (saatchiart)

Pictures available in different small limited editions.

Raised in the country side of Berlin, the east side of Germany, she always knew, doing art is her passion.
This very sporty, east german blond Girl started to draw fashion just out of her mind,
like she could imagine to go out with, but actually still to young to wear.
Like you can imagine, in that time to be an Artist in any kind of theme was not to easy.
East Germany was not well known for supporting art in a propper way.
So always struggeling between art and also science, she got more and more to the direction “free life as an Artist”.
Creating art in many different ways, but always with the touch of fashion.
After College she went to University to learn cultural sciences.
Before she could finish she went to England. New people, new culture, new experience and new learnings, that was what she wanted to see.
She packed her stuff and flow to London. After more than 6 months she moved back to Germany and started to studdy graphic design in Stuttgart.
For many reasons Diana felt not so welcome in Stuttgart. Many different rules of life, different culture at all which gave her not a free feeling.
Moving back to Berlin was the plan, even she knew she will leave again good friends, out of this time, behind her.
All her old friends and people out of her network lived in Berlin, so here it was where she wanted to be. Open for new ways and new challenges to build something magical.
First starting with a small job in a bar and enjoying Berlin, after a while she opened a fashion store in Berlin Friedrichshain.
Berlin just started to be “THE CITY OF ARTIST”. After more than 2 years she decided to work as a stylist in a fashion company and closed her shop.
Very fast she became the Creative Director of the company and created campaigns for them. Traveling all over the world and shooting lovely camapigns,
that was  the life of Diana Nagler for almost 4 years. To be a free artist, became actually a smaller part of her life in that time,
but slowly slowly it got back to her mind and so she quit her job and began new as a freelancer in Berlin.
Working with many good, famous photographers and companys as a stylist, Diana got bored a little bit.
In her mind she felt there is something stronger than that. In her childhood till age of a late teenager she captured with an old camera people on the street.
Took her friends to simple shoots outside and all this not to bad. The “good eye”, to see the things happening around her, and to see nice shots coming up,
that what she always had. In one day she bought a old professionell camera, to try if she still has some skills and the “eye” for taking pictures.
Yes, she still had and thats what she wanted to be.
A female photographer who is taking amazing shots in a different ways.

If you have questions, or if you want to colloborate with her, please feel free to send a message any time.
“Diana is a funny Woman who is spending the working time not like a worker, no she is making that time to an event for all of us.”